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here I'd like to share my biggest passion to the ultimate driving machine. I'll try to post the models relatively chronologically and I'll update it when I have photos of the next model in my collection. This post should be something like index with links to each model in 1:18 and the numbering may change depending on the chronology.
If there is any inaccuracies, please, comment, so I can correct them and build the correct index together with all of you!


001. (1929) BMW 3/15 PS DA-2 Eil-Lieferwagen "Teile in Eile" [DE: #80 43 0 393 476]

002. (1937) BMW 327 Cabriolet [#68568]

Coming next...
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BMW 3/15 PS DA-2 Eil-Lieferwagen "Teile in Eile"
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BMW 3/15 PS DA-2 Eil-Lieferwagen "Teile in Eile"
scale 1:18 DE (#80 43 0 393 476) | AutoArt
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Nice model danielle and great photo's too.

This is an interesting way on presenting your diecasts with an internal index page :)

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Great review! I love this little car! ;D

model collector

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A litle piece of history, but a great piece in every collection. Thanks for sharing with us true looking pleasure.

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Allow me to congratulate you for the style and "user interface" of this review! Also the pictures are very well made!

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mervellieux )0(

nous attendons le voiture suivant :o 8) ;D
cumpar masinute cu cheita


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BMW 327 Cabriolet
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BMW 327 Cabriolet
scale 1:18 (#68568) | Guiloy

Mr. Reif from Chemnitz was one of the few fortunate people who were able to purchase the highly attractive BMW 327 convertible during the War. This stylish black design from Eisenach cost 7500 mark. When Reif received the bill dated 12 May 1941, he could not know that his car, chassis and engine number 87306, would be the last of its kind to be made by BMW. Number 87307 was built in 1948 by the Soviet state company "Avtovelo" in a version identical to the 327 built before the War.

The 2+2 seater sports convertible was publicly unveiled in winter 1937. Initially it was difficult to target the right sales groups for the 327. Beauty and elegant lines, the capacity for storing a medium-sized case and a portable type-writer, and a rating of 55 bhp were not high priorities for buyers in this price category. Perhaps it was ideal for a traveling journalist with entourage?

Sales were therefore sluggish. When an 80 bhp version appeared in 1938 (327/28) to meet demands for performance and spottiness, strangely enough sales for the basic 327 also picked up. A total of 1124 convertibles and 179 coupes were built. In May 1941, the last coupe was supplied to the Brazilian consul-general de Louza-Ribeiro in Hamburg.

Like its predecessors, which were also equipped with a 2-liter engine (BMW 320, 321 and 326), the 327 had a low slung box-section chassis, on which car bodies manufactured by Ambi-Budd coachworks in Berlin-Johannisthal were used. Ambi-Budd and Autenrieth in Darmstadt were BMW's largest suppliers of car bodies in the 1930s.

Hurth and ZF supplied the four-speed transmission (with freewheel facility in first and second gear). The drive ratio was identical in both types, and the differences in the individual gears were minor. What was different was how the doors were hinged - at the front in the convertible and at the back in the coupe.

After the dismantling of Ambi-Budd, the BMW chassis tools of the 321, 326 and 327 types went to Avtovelo in East Germany. The Russians and East German successor EMW (Eisenacher Motoren Werk) manufactured 491 BMW 327 descendants between 1952 and 1.954. The EMW 327-3, an attractive coupe with a large rear window, was also manufactured.

Just as it had many devotees amongst the leaders of the Third Reich, the 327 sports convertible became, in its postwar model, a status symbol for loyal and prominent Socialist Party comrades. Fans of veteran BMWs consider the 327 to be one of the most beautiful convertibles of its time.

Sales were therefore sluggish. When an 80 bhp version appeared in 1938 (327/28) to meet demands for performance and spottiness, strangely enough sales for the basic 327 also picked up. A total of 1124 convertibles were built.


The elegant headlamps, mounted between the wings and the radiator hood, set the tone for the striking appearance of the BMW 327. Enthusiasts regard it as one of the most beautiful convertibles of the 1930s.

The 327/28 Cabriolet: stylish down to the last detail, from the indicator fitted flush with the door to the integrated headlamps, and the 327 chassis combined with the 80 bhp engine of the 328.

Captivating lines and timeless beauty: the sweeping tail of the Coupe with a bulge where the spare wheel is housed. Only 179 coupes of the 327 and 86 of the 327/28 were produced by Autenrieth and Ambi-Budd.

The option of having the 80 bhp engine of the BMW 328 fitted in the 327/28 meant the otherwise somewhat underpowered 327 Cabriolet had plenty of "oomph", and with a top speed of 78 mph (125 kph) it gave motorists a lot of car for their money.
The two-liter power unit: a straight-six engine with V-valves, timed by the laterally-mounted camshaft according to a simple principle, three downdraft carburetors and 80 bhp at 5000 rpm.

With the partial cladding of the rear wheel usually present on the 327/28s removed, the perforated rims can be seen to good effect. The color-contrasted contours of the wings are another pleasing feature.

The 327 Cabriolet with its 55 bhp, elegant white spoked steering wheel and matching hornring is stylish rather than sporting.

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Great looking car (the color combo suits the car's body line just right !).
I also like the engine (not the best view of it ).
Oh, and that "partial cladding" is sooo stilish.
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exquisit!.....i love old bmw s...hopefully i will get me some of those models in 1/43.....


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Thanks to all of you!  :/()?!?

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