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I started this site partly to share my passion for collecting 1/18 scale diecast model cars, but mostly to fill a need that I perceive for reliable criticisms of available diecast models.  
Acquiring a poor quality model wastes money, takes up valuable space, and brings down the 'look' of the rest of my collection. The higher cost manufacturers are fairly reliable, but the second tier makers are variable in quality. I'm sure that other collectors have the same problem.
Don't be misled by my use of the word 'critic'.

Criticism can be positive as well as negative. In fact, I would much rather dwell on the better aspects of a model manufacturer's efforts. I applaud the trends to higher quality productions and more adventuresome choices of automobiles to reproduce. It would be wonderful if this site had any effect in furthering these trends.

Personally, I would rather pay more and get a better quality model, especially since my display space is limited. However, if I really desire a model of a particular car, I have to decide if the manufacturer has done an acceptable (to me) job. It is gratifying to get a high quality rated model for a lower rated price, but I am still satisfied if the quality of the model matches the price asked. If this site helps 'steer' your collection in your desired direction, I will consider my efforts worthwhile.

Also, please note that these are my personal opinions; they are not etched in stone. I welcome hearing from other collectors, either with information I don't have yet, or with a different opinion.

multumesc, ablanc ;)

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